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DracoBlue flooded the Forums? Why?

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Yep it is true!

I flooded for some minutes the forums of MTA!

Everyone thinks that I did this to damage MTA!

No that is not the reason!

The reason is, that I tested the forums of MTA!

I wrote a small tool just 1 sourcecodeline and this program was able to make a whole forums laggy.

I wanted to test this [sorry IJs that I didn't ask you before but after our small talk I think you understand what I mean].

Sorry to all Guys havin disadvantages because of this!

Cya, l8rs DracoBlue

PS: IJs & Co keep on coding, as I do too! We want to make MP-Mods and not disturb about the insecure Forums[/b]

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[sarcasm] Well 'thanks' for 'testing' our forums, next time you 'test' the banks security let me know so I can come along and pick up the moneybags from the vault that you drop, or the food you drop when you 'test' the supermarkets security guards [/sarcasm]

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I believe most, if not all, of the team members have been extremely offended by this action, but as the better people we will not go as low as this and retaliate.

I cannot believe that someone, especially you DracoBlue, would purposely go out of there way to disrupt our hard (and free) work, even if you say it was just "testing".

Whatever the case, I take this as a personal attack and I am truly sadened by this.

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Okay guys!

If I didn't wanted you to get who was it, I would NEVER do this in that bad way!

Remember that I was logged in!

My IP was connected to my Nickname in this forums, so finding me was VERY easy.

I would have used some Mix-Systems to hide my IP and would not log in and you would never get me!

Those Mix-Systems are used in Anonymizer-Websites.

I only wanted to show you that one small program can make your forums and mine too crash!

You have to see that this problem is for us all!

I would never damage your server or website, because I have to do really other things!

As you know I msg IJs and talked to him, to make this clear.

Don't see this as attack [because a attack would be much harder] and try with me to find solutions to make those things not possible, for MTA and GTAT forums.

Cya, DracoBlue

PS: The most know Anonymizer is google.de Language Tools

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Ive already spoken to mta members etc, i know the actual reasons why, the reactions etc etc etc nuff said, but the fact remains, that maybe you should have 'tested' on your own forums, contacted us, something. Like in RL, communication is paramount (and secondary os spamming :twisted: )

No damage done - only to your repuation, but im sure a solid release of GTAt will fix that - so no pressure eh draco?

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yeah solid release of gtat would help, but thats not going to happen :)

what? common! someone had to make fun of him there!!

and draco, do you REALLY think we wanted our forums tested? and if we did, dont you think WE would of tested them first? and told poepl about them so as to minor the annoyance of it? dont you think the owners of the board should take care of this, and not someone else? ESPECIALLY someone else who is leader of another competiting mod I mean thatys just, just really stupid!

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