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Here it is,my 2nd video **UPDATED**

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After going through 2 gfx cards and a PC, I finally got this one out the door. Unfortunatly, because I went from an Athon 1700+ to an Athon 600 during filming I couldnt get all the stunts I wanted. (and some of the ones I did get started showing up in other vids).

Ok, here's the story behind this video...It started out as an all out stunt video but because of the above mentioned set backs it turned into a music video of sorts. Yes, they are NEW stunts and acouple of things that have NEVER been done before. Let me know if you like the music/video sync'ing and any other comments are always good to hear.

Enjoy :D


:arrow: EDIT: Here is a smaller version only 36megs. Its low quality and the music/video sync starts slipping at the end. So if ya dig it then get the above version and see it the way it was ment to be seen. :D


Also, I noticed I did make a mistake in the credits :oops: the "Drift Smoke Mod" was used on a couple of stunts.

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you know what? these fool up in this piece be tryin to front.

im just gonna go ahead and be honest... that was THE BEST video i have EVER seen. you crazy fucker with those awesome credits and the red sky at the end... wonderful. great coordination between lyrics and images.

then, when i think im into the groove of the video, shit goes all crazy and im seeing some fucking sick as shit. i would like to see someone try to top the production values of this video.

p.s. good job.

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Sweet can't wait to see it. I'll wait till you put on the smaller version. I would grab the bigger one but then net at work was running real slow earlier today and was going to take AGES...

DON'T ZIP IT WOLF IT'S ALLREADY COMPRESSED! :) that's why it was almost the same size...

Looking forward to seeing it :wink:

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OMG thats was just OMG!!, The movie was Great!, I really loved how you syncd the song lyrics with what was on the screen, that was really one of the greates movie out there,I loved the junkyard stunt , i think thats a Chaos original, i havent seen someone else have it in a stuunt vid or even do it in game really a great vid.Nice job Chaos.

PS : yours was the first vid a have downloaded in a while.

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LOL, I think it was SM Swede and I that found that stunt. There are other originals too. The Golf Course jump (yes, yes now you know how long I've been working on this vid), the jump in Little Havana next to Airport, the wall tap behind the Robbers Hideout on Prawn Island and Jumping on to the roof of the hospital near the VROCK studio. :eeeeek:

I got 2 more vids I'm working on now, and if I have the time I'll do an MTA shoecase vid for the contest. :D

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nice vid. Liked the editing and feel of it.

One gripe though, the handling.cfg has definitely been edited for some of those stunts.

The ones where you hit the upwards thing at the airport you can only go that high but using the negative break numeral. :roll:

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the handling.cfg has definitely been edited for some of those stunts.

If Chaoswolf says it hasn't been tweaked, That means it hasn't been f*ckin tweaked. Just because your not not good enough to pull it off yourself doesn't mean that everyone else tweaks. Chaoswolf holds the world record for height so ofcourse he is going to be pullin off some high shit that no one else can. Now stop your whinning and start practicing so you can learn how to stunt like the big boys do.

Excellent vid Chaoswolf. Excellent stunts and editing both. I love the lighting, red sky background change thing. Thats awesome. I wish we saw more videos coming from you. It would be awesome to see more videos like this one come out more often. The only constructive criticism i have is work on your camera angles. Seems like almost everyone has problems with camera angles. I personally like slow and smooth camera angle changes. But its really up to you.

Good luck on your next vid. Excellent work on this one! :twisted:

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One gripe though, the handling.cfg has definitely been edited for some of those stunts.

I'm glad you enjoyed it but handling has not be modified. As I stated in the vid, only the carcol.dat was changed. I did forget to mention that I used the "DRIFT SMOKE MOD" for a couple of stunts but I edited that in to the 1st post here. People have seen me pull the AP stunt in MTA, so just practice it and you'll get it. As, a matter a fact all of the stunts I found while playing MTA and plenty of people have seen me do them. 8)

Thx Bloodymess13, for having my back, bro.

Glad you dug it too and yea carmara angles are a bitch. :lol:

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brilliant work as always chaos - but i never expected anything but.

As always - quality SM work, great stunts, grinds, spins etc etc etc as always - too many great things to mention about this one and BOY can he get some height!

It seems all the vids out lately are quality, lets keep pushing the limits guys!

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