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what i am doing wrong?


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this is destructionderby.lua.

function DestructionDerby:handleFinishActivePlayer(player) 
    -- Update ranking board for player being removed 
    --if not self.rankingBoard then 
    --  self.rankingBoard = RankingBoard:create() 
    --  self.rankingBoard:setDirection( 'up', getActivePlayerCount() ) 
--  end 
    --local timePassed = self:getTimePassed() 
    --self.rankingBoard:add(player, timePassed) 
    -- Do remove 
    -- Update ranking board if one player left 
    setTimer(exports.FckNs:addToDeathlist,100,1,player, #getActivePlayers()) 
    local activePlayers = getActivePlayers() 
    if #activePlayers == 1 then 
        --self.rankingBoard:add(activePlayers[1], timePassed) 
        triggerEvent("onPlayerDestructionDerbyWin", getRootElement(), activePlayers[1]) 
        setTimer(exports.FckNs:addToDeathlist,100,1,activePlayers[1], 1) 
        --showMessage(getPlayerName(activePlayers[1]) .. ' is the final survivor!', 169, 214, 

i have problem on line 12 and 17.

thanks. :)

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