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I need persuasion.



I have worked on many long scale projects (longest being 3 years) to find that it was worth it only because of a greater purpose in the end. However, I now have the project of drawing out a zombie server in Lua for Multi Theft Auto. I want to do it, but i know only the best of projects go on and take months, to years to finish. I'm wiling to take the path if persuaded.

This is more of a cry for help if you will, My point is, Would it be worth it? I can afford the server costs in the end (Good Zombie Server host, ease of use and game play experience) but, would you say it is worth working on? I need persuaded to do this, i don't want money. The man power can be done by me and my team, I just want to know if our efforts put forth to this is worth doing.

I think its fun, We have many good plans and ideas drawn from the best of servers i have seen so far. I have compiled a list of what to, and what not to do's, but every server will have a down fall, and not everyone has money pouring out of their ass.

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I feel you. Personally, I would not engage. Judging by your signature I'm guessing we're both between the ages of 19 and 25 and the years we're in are worth gold. For example in getting a head start with starting your own company or even doing some actual paid programming for experience: that experience puts you ahead over others who're applying for the same job.

Time is a currency and it can be spent only once.

You're actually not stating that you're having a dilemma, so here's a list of what a fantastic MTA server would give you and what could attribute to your motivation of doing it: experience, fun, status and a respectable hobby of creating something for others to enjoy.

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