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sorry this is kind of off the topic, but i cant upload my vid. sum 1 help me pls :(

i tried gamers alliance, but my internets too slow helP!

the file is 12.4 meg so its in the limit

damn it. ive been trying 4 two days & i have to get it done by 1st

:!: UPDATE :!:

Im fine now dont worry

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Here it is!

I only got one thing to say......OMG

ok, two things to say..............DAMN

well, three things to say..........EXCELLENT WORK

Great use of the "Bumper Cam" I just started useing it myself.

The split screens......what can I say....perfect. You did a better job on those then I had in mine. :P

You surprised me dude. :D

Ok, now thats out of my system....Did you watch my damn stunt vid yet, Ponch?

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Ok the deadline has passed yet only four completed entries, now we are considering extending the deadline a little IF there are people with almost ready entries that the holidays interrupted (present entrants would of course be able to tweak thier own in this time and re-submit) So please let us know as soon as possible if you have one ready/nearly ready.

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