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Whilst browsing our confusing downloads section it occured to me we do not have a quality movie to help publicise MTA, only out of date development captures.

So after discussing it with the team we hereby launch the 'Great MTA Movie Competition'


Movies should contain a mixture of mta action such as stunting, combat, driving, humour, matches, ffa, teamwork, mass brawls, flying, riding, running, menus, careers... you get the idea.

File size not to exceeed 20mb (any codec is acceptable but i suggest Xvid to keep filesize to minimum)

Entrants are responsible for hosting their entry. Each will be viewed by one or more of the MTA team and either rejected or accepted for final judging.

Those movies that make it into the final judging will be viewed by all members of the MTA team, (or at least as many that are able to), and the winner and runner up will be decided by a team vote.

The winner will be given some snazzy forum title, and will have thier video offered on mtavc.com as the official mta video.


Please only post once in this thread, to say 'yes ill enter', you may then edit the post in future to include the location where your completed work can be viewed.

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i would suggest divx instead of xvid, in my experience with mta movies i have discovered that the divx codec makes files just that bit small, also the divx codec is more widly spread amongs the pc users.

For movie capturing you can best use fraps (1.9 or 2.0). And encoding can be done by a program like virtual dub. for codecs and coding programs : http://www.doom9.org

Video editing can be done with a free program like Windows Movie Maker but the payed products are better off course. Pinnacle Studio or Ulead Video studio or good programs (so ppl tell me :P). The best program, but not so PC and user friendly is Adobe Premiere, but only use that if u r rich and have a lot of time ;)

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hokky dokky



a thanks 2 gamefreak for giving me feed back with the intro and the movie and also a small converting program

a thanks 2 sm_LBtrw_ for giving us feedback with the movie and being in it

a v big thank 2 ponch 4 macking my movie small

and an big thanks 2 the team cause without them i would not have done this and i would have been in bed sleeping

the final size is : 7,407.6KB

the movie

http://www.thegamersalliance.com/videos ... mm_low.avi

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I think this is a good idea, and am interested to see how things turn out.

As for the prize, I would be willing to give out some sort of hosting prize (free MTA server w/or hosting package) depending on the number of people participating.

As for the codec, I think Blokker is right, divx is the better way to go since it is easier for the general public to install. May I suggest specifying resolution, bitrate, and all the other technical specs?

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Yes ill enter, this will be my first attempt at editing so i hope it comes out like i want.

:arrow:Status : I got the most valuable footage needed, now im recording pieces to fill up some holes,havent started editing yet(of course) but its going good.

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If someone wants to team... I am prepared to enter into this event and win. 8) lol. Anyways, I just finished my Stunt Mania v4 today and it shall be posted on the forums by tonight and It took me all day to finish so its gonna be like a day or 2 before I start workin on this new project. :wink: So if someone wants to team up with me and make this project a little easier on me go ahead and IM me by MSN or AIM me... LBtrw@hotmail.com (msn) & LBtrw (aim)...

I can't wait to see everyones work!

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This is great!

I've been working on a movie for the last week and a bit and it's almost done :) Can't wait to see some of the others...

just a few more days and I should have finished my masterpiece :wink:

Edit: "Yes I'll enter!!!!!"


Here it is!


NB You'll have to copy and paste my link as it won't hyperlink because the forum is reading my gang tag ([PiG]) as a metatag and won't display the link properly...

- Divx 5.1.1

- 6.2 MB


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There are no limits for encoding bitrates or resolution, thats best judged by the entrants themselves and dependant on thier content, just remember it has to be 20mb or less with audio.

It seems DivX is the way to go, a shame as Xvid can squeeze more in without loss of quality.

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Ponch: good idea on the deadline, I was unwilling to set one initially as I was not sure how long it would take people to create thier masterpieces, nor what kind of uptake the competition would get.

Once the completed entries begin coming in I will set a final deadline.

*watch this space*

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