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I'm calling you out (TheGreatVirus) You dirty thief!

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It has come to my attention that the user: TheGreatvirus on this forum has not only taken my nick but my own personal artwork from me.

TheGreatVirus is a fake he has stolen my ideas and my art (his sig) I am the real GreatVirus and the artwork in his sig is my own. I ask that you remove the artwork from your sig as you do not own it and the people in the sig is a close friend of mine.

Mod's admin anyone I got proof of the arts ownership because I hold the original Photoshop files and you may also use the forums on Xbox-Scene for reference to identification.


(click the url above to see each and every topic I ever had which are way before this guy was around)

As for the little group he came up with Goths United well that is my idea as well you can search for "Goths United" on xbox-scene and you will see that the threads about it are before the ones created here under gangs.

I know who you are fake TGV! :evil:


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lol take a chill pill

Hell no! How would you feel if someone took your own personal work for their own and wost of all Keva is insain and for some odd reason he wants to be like me so he reinacts the things I did from other forums on here.

It's kind of scary if you think about it.... :?

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All original content, work, or ideal that comes form a person is legally copyrighted by that person with valid proof of authentisity. Find his address, his name, get your proof, take him to court, otherwise he won't respond, simple as that.

I got all the proof I need. Hell the girl in the sig is my best friend she is one of my models.

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