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c# MTA:SA Resource Generator


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Hey, guys i'm working on a tool in C# which is called MTA:SA Resource Generator in short MTASARG.


Drag and Drop (example: id.txd, id.dff) from Skins, Cars and Weapons onto my tool and script.lua and meta.xml would be generated and packed automatically into a zip-file.

Everything works just fine but it seems MTA has some Problems with the generated meta.xml file.

ERROR: Couldn't parse meta file for resource 'your_resource'

Loading of resource 'your_resource' failed

Generated meta.xml looks like this:

    <info author="MTASARG" name="Skins, Cars, Weapons" /> 
    <file src="1.dff" type="client" /> 
    <file src="1.txd" type="client" /> 

So, but when i open meta.xml and save it with notepad, mta hasnt problems with it.

I think its a problem of encoding...

Anyone know how i can fix it?

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