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Table with Objects


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I'm not so good at tables so i thought you guys might help me.

I want to make 1 table that stores all the objects attached to a player, but my problem is destroying a specific object and not the others, and and easy way to export it..

Something like this

 objects = { } 
function attachObj(modelid) 
if objects[source] then 
objects[source] = nil 
if modelid == 1210 then 
object = createObject ( modelid, 0, 0, 0 ) 
objects[source] = object 
exports.bone_attach:attachElementToBone ( object, source, 11, -0.2, 0, 0.1, 0, 90, 10 ) 
elseif modelid == 2647 then 

So idk how to store both of the elements on the player then destroy each of them whenever i want to..

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Regarding deleting an object from a table:

I think the most obstacle you're facing is that you can't tell which object is which, because there aren't any IDs attached to them. Judging by your code a player can have one object of one type attached the them.

In that case you'll probably want to store it like this:

Every player has an objects table with an ID and the Object element or there's one table with all players in it, which has the objectdata in it.

Then to remove the object, use a for loop

-- example new table structure 
Objectdata = { 
    ['player1'] = { ["model"] = 1500, ["object"] = 'RANDOM5' }, 
    ['player2'] = { ["model"] = 1800, ["object"] = 'RANDOM8' },  
function remObj(modelid) 
    for playerob_k,playerob_v in pairs(Objectdata) do  
        if playerob_v['model'] == modelid then 
            -- remove object from world 
            -- remove element from table 
            Objectdata[playerob_k] = nil 

tested on http://www.lua.org/cgi-bin/demo


Basically just use a multi dimensional array

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5691 ... ble-create

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1758 ... by-its-key

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