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-=[ Official Demolition Derby Competition TONIGHT ]=-


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All welcome to take part, you MUST be in #gangwar on irc.multitheftauto.com by 9PM GMT to take part. (The only exception is those who do not have irc but have the details of the VCS server were the event will take place, although likewise you must be on the server at 9pm GMT)


No weapons to be used inside the bloodring.


Spectators only allowed on top of the bloodring 'building' ( a vehicle that can be used to get up to it will be supplied.


Only the Bloodring Banger may be used in the competition


Each Bout to consist of 3 Derbies


Winner = 3 points, second = 1 point


Top points after 3 rounds go thru to finals, second gos thru to playoffs


Winner of playoffs gos thru to final


Final Bout will be best of 5 Derbies

So come along and have fun, this is one event DeathB will not win! ;)

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