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Because we have experienced some difficulties with the older versions of mta when traveling to one part of the city to another (say Portland to Staunton), we will most likely be using only one part (probably Portland) for the next release of mta for gta3. Also, because of the limited number of vehicles gta allows us to use, it's probably best for the gameplay not to devide the vehicles we have over all three parts of the city.

About the spawning and selecting a spawn location, this is ofcourse possible, but I don't think people will want to select a location every time they spawn. We will therefore keep using the randomized spawnpoints, like the Vice City Crusader in MTA:VC 0.2.

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So there will be only Portland? Hm... Not too good news. Also, that probably means that there will STILL be no boats. I think, that in GTA 3 at least boats are a must becouse of lack of choppers and motocycles. The GTA 3 version will be no match even for 0.2 of VC if where will be so little in GTA 3 version. I thought, you were trying to make them equal...

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Names should be colored according to CLASS.. custom colors should be disabled (they screw up the scoreboard, anyways.. ONE guy with a green color makes everything green

voodoo in deathmatch :) since the hydraulics are sync'd up.

To stop trainers: some sort of "MAX SPEED" detection.. find the fastest vehicle, and what its max speed is.. then use that to compare. if someone manages to EXCEED that speed limit, then they are considered cheating... i just saw someone zoom RIGHT past me, after WRECKING. he was going so fast, he appeared, and disappeared on my minimap pretty damn quick.... and no, lag wasn't involved...

Stunt mode:

more USABLE ramps that don't aim at a large building, and such.. those suck because if you even use them, you still hit a wall. Ramps with a way to possibly LAND would be good

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adding a few more

-- TAXIs

-- Boats?

-- get rid of some of the same-old same-old cars.. there's a lot more cars in VC than is shown..

things like.. there are two of the "ZIP" trucks.. one (spawns by sailor) is always used.. then there's another one somewhere else, that is never really touched.. could we replace it with a different vehicle? to give more variety.. same goes with some of the bikes, and stingers

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