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I was very surprised with MTa when i played it at my friend's house, and i'd like to congratulate the mta team.

You've captured the essence of a good game, but there are some minor improvements you should consider:

Place more cars on the side of the road. I hate it when my car blows up and i have to walk a mile to find another car. all you need to do is put some fun cars outside of shops or in public parking lots. Maybe even parallel park some cars in the middle of the road to make it look like the town was deserted and a heavy gang war is going down in it :D

Place weapon pickups in some good spots, like a sniper behind some trees or a good uzi behing some mailboxes. anything goes :D

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kungfu grip: i deleted ur post.

sorry but ppl get very fast pissed off (trust me i got some experience)

its hard to switch the communication style between irc and the forum but what you are calling "make fun of" other ppl might call "flaming" sorry

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