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Download scripts upon request.


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So I am in a server and I want to then open a gui and click 'download this script' and then that script will download to your own client side files after you have pressed it. How would this be possible? For example if I wanted to make a resource only available to be downloaded by those I want it to?

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This topic is going to get locked you know...

There's nothing wrong in the topic.

@callum123, I don't remember exactly if you can make resources download only to a few players ( you can do it if you make your own download system, which is not hard to do - just needs some knowledge ) but you can use:

--Functions: downloadFile, triggerServerEvent 
--Events: onClientGUIClick 

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What I wanted to do was to allow players to start/stop resources for themselves without it affecting any other players.


Or how about just using these (Since I wanted to make the script for allowing car mods)


and then making them load for the player who called it only? Therefore some players can have car mods and other can choose not to install them? Could that work?

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