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MTA:Vice Player Model Question...

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but I've been swapping my DFFs around after getting sick of the same old virtual faces in MTA. What I need to know is...

Can one of you guys give me the names of all the models used for the Vice Characters?

I know some of them from screwing around with ViceTXD, but I figured it'd be easier just to ask, y'know?

Can any of the MTA designers out there help me?



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Ummmm..... WHAT?


Well, all the models in the gta3.img have names.

Some of those models are the ones that MTA uses for player characters.

For example, the cop models are Player4.dff and IGBudy2.dff.

Rather than spend all that time searching the img file for the ones I wanna mod, I figured I'd just ask one of the MTA developers for a list.


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Hmm. Changing the .dff models around may not be as harmless as you think, because some models will not display correctly, and could crash your system. Possibly crash other systems as well, since collision may not be the same for both clients, but I'm not sure. (I am sure about cars having this probem) Why don't you just change the .txd so they look different anyways without much conflicts. I'm guessing you will find out eventually, so here are the models for the current release:







Alter these files at own risk. Please keep the altered files for personal use only.

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Yes,collision files may crash if theyre different.

If you have a modded car with a diff collision file and go through a tunnel,if 1 of the collision files is diff(Has a larger value),you may not go in the tunnel,but the other people will see you go through,resulting in desync and of course crashes.

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no its not really about cheating its more about stability,since like you say it about if you changed them all to fat guys ill make a stupid drawing to try and show you this is the skinny guy |--|(yours) and this is the fat one |----|(other peoples/default) so we have a door this |---| means the default one cant go tru it right? but sincec urs is |--| it means yours can(atleast thats what your game is telling you) but sincee the others dont have it they will see the guy be "forced" in there or somethign and thats when it causes problems,this explaination is kinda hard to understand but hope it helps.

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