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get all png files in folder?


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You can read the resource's meta.xml and get all the files from there.

function getResourceAllFiles( resourceName ) 
    local files = { }; 
    local metaRoot = xmlLoadFile( ":" .. resourceName .. "/meta.xml" ); 
    for i, node in ipairs( xmlNodeGetChildren( metaRoot ) ) do 
        if( xmlNodeGetName( node ) == "file" then -- check if the node is  
            table.insert( files, xmlNodeGetAttribute( node, "src" ) ); 
    return files; 

Haven't tested but it's a simple function which will return all 's from specified resource (this includes .mp3, .png and all other files included in resource as ). Once you get the list of files just loop through it and add it to gridlist.

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doesnt work

I guess you use it client side, xmlLoadFile client side can load only the files that has downloaded in mods\deathmatch\resources, while meta.xml not one of them. You need to use it server side and trigger it to client side.

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