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Server Customized Patch


Should this be a feature?  

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I think you guys should make a feature upon connecting to a MTA server that it downloads what the admin of that server has setup as patch files. It could make it so that you'd be able to use certain mods on the server and everybody would have them. I think this feature would make it great because it'd be fair for everyone on the server. If possible you could make it so when the server sends the patch to the client connecting it would make backups of all the files it replaced and place it in a folder called BACKUP FROM "server name here" that way whatever files that were replaced could easily be put back in place. Let me know what your guys' opinion is on this.

(happy now SM? :P :P)

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First of all i dont think any post that is a suggestion should start with :

You should , it will make your post look like they have to do it, it woud be much better if you started it something like: I think it would be nicec if or, another cool feature would be or somethign like that , you guuys get my point anyways about your suggestion , i think its better ifthe MTA focused their time on making a stable ,with that i mean not crash every 10 minutes or somethign and reducing the bugs and making needed additions to MTA rather then to use their time making it so you can mod your server and game etcetc.

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Ok that would be kewl but only on LAN servers and Private servers... And not on open servers.

So if this feature will be enabled that would mean that the server closes with a lock and u need a pass..

And that u have a max. mods.. So if u wanna have mods u can only have 3 or something

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I wouldn't count on this anytime soon guys....

Vice City wasn't designed to be modded like that, as such it doesn't alllow you to store maps seperately, all thsoe cars maps textures etc. get thrown into huge files... what that means... is that any server configured mod would require the clients to automate injecting/removing new and old map mods, really not as easy as you'd think, let alone time consuming for the player to have to wait for the map to be injected into the .dff and txd files.


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