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Tell me your dream.

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This is the official topic of the people's dreams ,

My self

I dreamed i'm falling from a building , and i can't control my self , and while i'm approaching to the ground , i suddenly woke up , and my heart was pulsing quickly , and i told my self , what if that was true!.


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I'd rather not share the type of dreams I get.. I mean.. some a really.. really.. well, let's say.. eccentric.

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I Dreamed nothing for over a 2 years.

But i will tell you my 2 strange dreams.

First one:

I Dream like im alone in my room or in any room and i play with toys(o.O)

and then i see broken Gormit(toy)

and then i hear some alarm what i actually don't hear and i got scared off

when i wake up i cant move cuz im damn scared :S

but i don't understand that part when i hear alarm

but i actually dont hear it its not a alarm for wake up

its like a alarm for war.


2.nd dream

I Dreamed this 5 years ago or more

My mom was outside the house and she was doing something with clothes

and i closed door and invisible tornado took her on right side


Now about my dreams i Don't understand how i knowed about war alarm what i didnt hear and about invisible Tornado o.O

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