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Mouse 4 and 5 not working after installing win8



My mouse4 and mouse5 buttons on my mouse stopped working in MTA after I switched to windows 8. They work fine on windows itself (return and forward in web browsers for example), but just won't get recognized by MTA.

I use a Razer Diamondback 3G, on which Razer dropped support a long time ago, right after windows 7 was released, so there's no recent driver update for it either.

Is there anything I can do until Christmas when I'm getting a new mouse (hopefully)?

Note; I'm using the latest Nightly of MTA and the latest available mouse drivers.

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Hmm.. currently it seems like an issue with my drivers. Binding them works in source games, but not on MTA or minecraft. SA-MP crashes on start-up (maybe driver issue as well, not sure).

EDIT: I re-installed my driver and everything is fine now, thanks for the help anyway! I appreciate it.

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