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thats probably one of the better ideas ive heard in this forum, it would make people think twice of getting in a car,

what garages would you use for the getting the bomb?

and would you get the kill or would it say they killed themself?

apart frm that, thumbs up

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Hey shadowninja, shut up.I was actually replying to what someone else said. :x

yep, maybe he should open his eyes before calling someone a newbie

Yeah, make plastic explosives, that u can stick on a wall, sumthing like that. Or mines.

just dont do it in ctf (not playable yet) coz i h8 them lamers who place 20 mines at their flag base

btw,M-16 if you dont know how to edit your posts and quote someone please read this: http://forum.mtavc.com/faq.php if you dont, than maybe next time ill delete your posts instead of edit them. thx

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I think the basic idea was great. If you remember in the game the car can't take that much damage or it will blow up and kill the wouldbe bomber. So boobytraping a car has it's risks. Someone shoots or hits that car before you place it and your dead.

Everycar couldn't be boobytrapped all the time. If there is only one place to get the bomb installed then people would wait for the tainted car so they could shoot them. Plus once you die in the bomb car you respawn and so does the car.

Great idea, I hope it is possible and practical.

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ooh... good idea, and the leaders of the server (which got tons of money by that time) could get a bomb which will couse all of the city to explode!

killing all the players and themselves!

lol come on now... don't flame the n00b too much :lol:

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