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Script Request! Weapon Damage Editor Resource?


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Whats up guys, im here for a Script/Resource Request.

Something allowing you to edit weapon damage. I think this would be good because some weapons in the DM gamemode are severely underpowered. Shotgun sucks, UZI and TEC-9 are horrible. It would be nice if a Moderator or a Pro Scriptor could look into this. The script would work like a normall resource you launch by typing "/Start (NAME)" or by starting it form the Admin Panel. The script would be good if it worked by a simple ".lua" script with all the default weapon damages and i could just change them through there and launch the resource when i want to play with these weapon damage changes.

This would be an amazing feature it would also help with Buffing weapons and Nerfing them.

So what you guys say? :)



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