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What was the NVIDIA update that was here for?


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The nVidia driver update was to fix distance-draw bugs present in nVidia hardware. To say, however, I have had my problems fixed would be an inaccurate statement. Even with the 52.16's I still have draw distance problems with this card.

XGI is looking more and more like my sort of solution...

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Pretty old? You dont follow nVidia, do you.

That was the version directly BEFORE the 52.16's.

Most people are still using that version as well, becasue of incorrect trilinear filtering on the 52.16's. Plus, the only cards that see any real performance increase are the FX line - if you're using, say, a Ti4200 you wont see an increase in performance with the 52.16's.

*sigh* I hate it when people think they know what they're saying...

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*sigh* I hate it when people think they know what they're saying...

*sigh* i hate it when people say this to people who are trying to help people.

I think you will find I do know a lot more than you think. (It's my F*CKING job) It's a bit hard to know exactly WTF people mean when they start a thread with 25% of the information you need to help them.

I know that it was the last version before 52.16. To ME august 2003 means it's an OLD DRIVER. 4 months is old dude.

Remember the old NVIDIA update that was on the main news one day about a month or two ago? Well I got an NVIDIA gfx card and I'm wondering what its for. I'm having a hard time finding it from the site.

Can someone explain and give me a site? Don't say http://www.nvidia.com because I wanna know the specific download!

Here's ya bloody link...(because no one seems to want to give it to you, they'd rather flame someone who's trying to help)


You are looking for a direct link aren't you Ransom? Or does True think I don't know enough to understand WTF you mean with the words "give me a site"? I haven't seen any links to sites by others.

@ True: rather than flaming me why don't you just post the link for Ransom like I just did? Ransom asked to a web site not whether people can help it or not wether they have a PCI card. If people are trying to help, help them too. Many hands make light work...


NOTE: this link is only for Ransom to try the drivers for himself. That's all I'm trying to do. Ask for a link get a link. I don't care if it works for him or not. It's just a link that HE requested.

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