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NOT! you guys suck.. i am NOT looking forward to your next release and btw GO Gtat!!!! Dracoblue owns all of you guys put together and you know it.. you cant even program a working animation than alone SOME of the things gtat has already accomplished. 96 player support, 1000 vehicles, 96 players, stable netcode as a beta tester for Gtat i can PROVE to you its all of the bells and whistles and so much more

why dont all of you go check out this guys hard work, and drop these worthless mta faggots... i really dont know why MTA has so many members with their poor coding work which sucks a goats left nut


you can thank me later


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  • MTA Team

i think most ppl in here know GTAt, we hold nothing back for them. About those animations : he did not get all animations to work, but he is uing something called : walk)to-point which makes an actor move to a certain place (with animation) but you do not see the correct animation, beleive me.

96 players : never been tested. The maximum ever tested is 25 on a LAN party. On the internet i beleive the maximum was 6 or something.

1000 vehicles : he still hasn't put 1000 vehicles in.

How do i know all of this? and don't call me a liar, i chat with Draco on a regular basis. We are not enemys and neither we or Draco likes these kinds of posts

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Great, one less annoying person.

I always love it when people decide to do this as it allows me to smile as I know in my mind that he is bitching and complaining now, yet firing up a round of MTA 5 minutes later.

Gotta love it, and good riddance.

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Go suck an egg, gtat is the worst peace of....... /me looks down, oops

We are not enemys and neither we or Draco likes these kinds of posts

Well, I am sorry to see you go, buddy. You will be missed *hearty hand clap on the shoulder* chum. Good luck with GTAT and I wish you the best. *sweat beads on kungfugrip's brow as he glances up*

Alrighty then, Godspeed GoDiKe.

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