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We paid for scripter


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What exactly are you planning to do (not just "a new gamemode", give more details).

- I want a simple register/login panel gui with character selection/creator. You need to add these details in character creator GUI: name (ONLY RP NAMES!) like Firstname_Lastname then click next: Weight, height, age between 18-80 then click create.

If you done correctly you select character and choose 2 different spawn place (arrived into city: Bus or Airplane).

Accounts need to be saved into an XML file. NOT MYSQL! (I have mysql to if its the easy way)

What do you already have (have you already started or does it have to be done from scratch).

- I moved with nothing yet ahead actually (scratch)

What do you expect the scripter that helps you to do (e.g. do you script yourself and only need someone for the GUI).

- GUI, script

If you are willing to pay for the work or not.

- Yes, i pay for the scripter!

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