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[ Premier Video ] Session I

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Nice work for your first vid. Although i believe in being honest so i'm not gonna tell ya its the best vid or anything.

You need to make sure you land all your stunts, and you need to make sure you do not do to much of the same stunt or to much of the same location(the fountain). The key i usually go by is 3 stunts of the same location is to many. 2 is usually about max before it starts seeming repetitive. ESPECIALLY if the stunts look almost the same. Pick which one you like the best and only use that one.

You did have some nice stunts, although most of the locations were done before, you managed to get a new twist off of them. Nice work. You have plenty of potential.

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yup, this guy certainly does have potential. i wuz the first person to see the vid, and i liked the quality, and some of the originality. Most of my comments were just like bloody's, considering we've seen around the same amount of videos.

I think camonte might try and audition for the AMPT Stunt Crew considering we're gonna let about 2-3 newcomers in, maybe more! Get your videos ready for us to see! we're pretty picky critics!!

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