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ACL error


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Got this annoying thing once again, which seems to be bugged, in my opinion.


[2012-11-03 15:53:50] ERROR: abrp-factions\s_factions.lua:226: xmlLoadFile failed; ModifyOtherObjects in ACL denied resource abrp-factions to access abrp-system 
[2012-11-03 15:53:50] WARNING: abrp-factions\s_factions.lua:229: Bad argument @ 'xmlNodeGetChildren' 
[2012-11-03 15:53:50] ERROR: abrp-factions\s_factions.lua:229: bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table expected, got boolean) 



   <group name="Default Group"> 
        <acl name="Default" /> 
        <object name="user.*" /> 
        <object name="resource.*" /> 
   <acl name="Default"> 
        <right name="command.*" access="true"></right> 
        <right name="function.*" access="true"></right> 
        <right name="general.*" access="true"></right> 


local characters = xmlLoadFile(":abrp-system/xml/characters.xml") 

Any fix? I can't pretty much continue with this before this has been fixed.

EDIT: After testing aclrequest allow abrp-factions all via Console, I get this message to my server.log.

[2012-11-03 16:03:54] aclrequest: No change required 
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