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New server scripting help


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Hi I am opening a new TDM server and I have a few questions:

1. how can I set team spawns (I have 4 teams)

2. how can I set capture zones

3. How can I set a vehicle to be flag (capture it and get score) but that vehicle cant be entered by the team that owns it

4. I know how to set mta to load mods , but how do I make it load cleo mods.

Please reply quickly and if you are a scripter I would apreciate the help, and also I am looking for a co-owner :wink:

First month I will test the server then open it officially (with hosts , forum etc.)

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You basically want us to do the whole thing for you. No, we're not going to do it for you.

Learn and make the gamemode, then you come and ask for help to fix errors.

I can give some tips, anyway:

1. You can use XML to save spawns for each team, or if it's just one simple spawn for each team you can do it in the script, without need of XML.

2. Well, you can save positions of all zones in some file and then randomly choose one when needed.

3. For team things, you can use MTA built-in functions ( getTeamName, getPlayerTeam ). Score & capture should be scripted by you.

4. You can't load Cleo mods on MTA. Learn Lua and script them by yourself.

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