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Having 2 forums possibly?

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Alright heres the deal

I am sick of reading topic with "yo" and "plz help" and topics that have been posted 3 or 4 times already.

I am sick of people posting stupid shit like "Im mad"

I know im not admin (but i should be, considering all that ive tried to add to thismod) but i think it is nessecary to have 2 forums. 1 for every 1 to start in. If you can use your account appropriotly, and know how to use topics and such, you should be allowed on the second forum. Just an idea, becuase I am sick of wasting my time on this one.

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or have it like this:

anything added to the good forums, show up in both.

anything added to the crap forums, stays there.

if your spam to increase your post level.. i wont mention any names *cough*iggy*cough* then your banished to the crap forums, until the mods say you can come back.

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your posting rubbish! get your mind outta the gutter!!

HAHAHHA just kidding, and don't worry, if you spam, flame or just plain bug me, you'll find out, in numeous flameposts aghainst you by me :) just hope it dosn't come to that... and I hope I just didn't scare away iggy... :)

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