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AMPT - - - - - [<°°°°°SORRY°°°°°>] 10/10!

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:D SWEET! After all this work i finally got this video going. It started with about 15 amazing clips that I forgot to put into the AMPT Stunt Reel. Now its a 9:44 Video! :P

I know u guys will really like this movie. The editing, i know, wasn't to the EXTREME :evil: like Blah and LBtrw do it, but it's my own personal style :twisted:

I Am completely open to any kind of constructive critisism and marks out of 10 :twisted:

I definately got :shock: LOADS :shock: of originality into it, plus sum funny stuff at the end!



The AMPT Hosting Site: http://redasses.homestead.com/vicefromhell.html

:wink: ((U'll find sum screenshots on the page :) )) :wink:

Uncompressed Version (Direct):


TGA (The Gamers Alliance): http://thegamersalliance.com/vidoes/sorry.rar


Plus, while ur downloading my FANTABULOUS Video (LOL), here's sum AMPT Stunt Crew Skins that me and my friend just recently created!

Remember, u dont have to be in the AMPT Crew to be able to bear these gr8 skins!

(Instructions: Right click image, Save picture as, and save it in your Skins folder in your Vice City Folder)

AMPT Homer --------

(By Andyroososoft)

AMPT Jared --------

(By Jared Belyea Morrison)

Enjoy the vid, enjoy the skins.

NOTE: We may recroute more members for the AMPT Crew, only the crew of the best! Participants in audition must submit a mew video of only, or mostly, their own stunts. editing is not crucial!:roll::twisted:8)

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Hey Andy! I hav't seen this video yet... U can count on me downloadin it as soon as I get home today! School sux :(:P

Anyways, for ur next video I would love to contribute some stuff but I shall not be making any more stunt videos... Only submitting stuff to others for there vids.. GL with it ! 8)

-ttyl. :wink:

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k. Just got home from school... Now I want to watch yer movie but its a .rar file... and well *SCREW THAT* sry. :?

I already have winzip and I don't want one of those all in one packeges eithor so looks like I am gonna just have to miss this one. *I really wanted to see it to :( oh well... I hope I get to see the next one. :roll:

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