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Just wanted to know,if you add the police and swat to GTA3:MTA,can you make the armour work for everyone,instead of VC?

Also,could you add some different cars?

(I'm not saying that 0.3b needs more cars.It was hard to develop it when you did it.I mean like replacing 1 of the gang cars for a sport car like Infernus or Cheetah,instead of only adding gang cars.Probably a dumb question,you probably will add new cars :roll::wink: ).

Thank you,and keep up on GTA3:MTA

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Cars will be more numerous, varied, and spread out over the play area.

Cops might not make it in next version of mta for gta3.

There just isn't enough functional to give you guys specific details, so stay tuned and be patient please.

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