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Project "Backer"


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Ok, this video is made by noobs

there is few typing errors

(Producktion = production)

(Backer = Packer), etc...

please ignore those.

Mta version we used was 2.0 (video last video clip i have been testing fraps2 & mta stunt)

There is no tricks, cheats, mods (only mta)

and allmost all stunt are stunned :)

We dont have seen any gta3/gta3vc stuntvideos and all ideas is ours.

If you like it, you can talk whit me in.

#alfa @ quakenet

:!: This is last warning, this video is really (and i mean really) lame:!:

http://edu.kauhajoki.fi/~jm/mta/Project_Backer.avi ~91mb

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its not your movie?

why are u publishing it then?

and if its yours, why u flamin ur self\friends..

let us do that ;)

It is my (and my bro, and his frend) movie.

I just warnging people...

I have posted this movie few other forums, and they have crunch this video allmost immedeadly, so im just warning and that way I hope I make unpleasent feedback little less.

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