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getElementParent or getElementData


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No, you didn't get me. setElementParent puts an element as parent of other. setElementData sets a data on an element. Both "values" will disappear when the main element is destroyed.


local ped1 = createPed( ... ); 
local ped2 = createPed( ... ); 
setElementParent( ped1, ped2 ); -- sets 'ped2' as parent of 'ped1' 
destroyElement( ped1 ); -- now ped2 is destroyed because it's a parent ( or child, whatever you want to call it ) of 'ped1' 
local ped3 = createPed( ... ); 
setElementData( ped3, "isNormalPed", true ); 
if ( getElementData( ped3, "isNormalPed" ) ) then 
    outputChatBox( "Ped is a civillian!", ... ); 

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