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Messed up Consol Text

Guest jamesavery22

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I just replaced a gf2pro with a 8500 card. Did Driver cleaner and installed the card fine. It works fine with every other game including SP VC. But the Console text in MTA looks like its jumping sorta and its kind of garbled. I reinstalled VC and MTA. What else should I try?

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what do you mean by garbled? like extra symbols or something? because ppl type really bad while theyre playing :D . idk, sometimes the text looks like its jumping for me too, although it wasn't a problem in v.2. very strange...I don't think it's anything wrong with your card at all, just another little bug in the mta programming.

as long as you can still play I think it's okay, it's not like your computer is restarting itself when you start vice (was having that problem for awhile with my stupid video card not working) so just ignore it is my advice.

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