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Server Side CRC checking of files...

[PiG] Ponch

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It's it at all possible to include a server side CRC check of the mta clients. I know there are a lot of modified clients going around the net. Putting CRC checking in a client is a very dumb thing to do because all you have to do is remove the part of the disassembled code to disable the cheat/modified file checking. It's as easy as removing bloody CD protection form a game. (almost every game I've played online lets the servers handle the CRC checking of files (maps cheats -whatever))

The reason why I am asking for server side CRC checking is because the $$ clan members seem fit to flood the servers with connection and disconnection messages (I have made a vid of this, If anyone want's to see it I will upload it), with the effect of people lagging soooo much they time-out and have to reconnect over and over and over again. $$'s modified client seems to have the 10 second delay between reconnections removed (as well as the basic cheat checking obviously).

Please. Server side CRC checking would stop so many problems with people modifying client side files. At least the only servers they'd be able to connect to would be modified servers and it would make all the other servers a wee bit more cheat/asshole free. (even the basic cheats seem to be getting online with the modified clients)

I was on Eftel's server last night. 16 people connected. about 12 of them where cheating and flooding the server. (shame there never seems to be an admin online to get rid of them and shame it's the only low ping server near my country :()

Flying cars I don't mind but when you've goto shot the same apache chopper down 10 times in a row it gets a bit annoying.

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yeah this been posted over 100000000 times:) i belive i made a post like this long time ago i would still like to see this feature because it makes it harder to cheat on main servers and keeps the game fun for those who like to install stunt parks different bikes and stuff :)

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Perhaps something like Sony's DNAS, where it makes sure that everything you do is legal. Sony has this set up for all of the new PS2 games, and it checks when you connect and it checks while you play. Like on tony hawk underground, there's a glitch where if you do a certain double tap grind it will reset your balance, but now DNAS has blocked out scoring of double tab grinds. :)

sounds like a superb idea to me, as long as it doesn't make me lag, and I wouldn't mind waiting a few more seconds to connect..

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