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A Warm Welcome to Rise of Nations from [AS]


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Hello MTA, my name is [AS]_Pimp-Masterflex, and I wanted to give this organization a very warm welcome for its members playing in the Rise of Nations Community.

I had the chance to talk to two of your esteemed members ,Godfather and Ransom, and even played a game with them. They seemed to be very capable players with very commendable character in my opinion. I talked further with Ransom after the game and talked about a hodgepodge of topics, regarding his backstory, MTA, RoN, and everything in between.

I provided Ransom with some links and some resources that I hope will be very beneficial to the MTA players that are coming into the Rise of Nations community. I hope to see many more of you fine members in our community, and wish the RoN team of this organization nothing short of the best of luck!

Check our clan's site out here http://apocalypsesurvivors.com/news.php for those of you who are interested in following your other collegues into the fun RTS action of RoN. Our Clan, AS, is a dedicated clan on Rise of Nations, and would love to help out MTA in anyway we can.

If any of you have any questions regarding RoN, please contact me, and I will respond as soon as I can


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