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[TUT] Setting up MTA server on Ubuntu Server 12.04.1 LTS

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I'm not using screen here, I use service mtasa stop/start to start/stop the MTA server. It's my personal preference.

To set that up, you would want to set up a shell script to run the screen command to start the MTA server, and modify the upstart job to point to the new shell script.

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Can you please help me? How would I run this as a screen and then how would I access it as a screen to stop the server? Thanks

To start the server with screen you can use this command:

screen -S mta /something/server/mta-server 

And then press ctrl + A,D (hold ctrl while pressing both buttons) to leave the screen.

To resume the screen:

screen -r mta 

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That would start the mta server twice: it is started automatically on boot by Ubuntu (it's an Upstart job). Using that command will start it a second time (or fail). What you should do, however, is create a shell script in the mtasa directory that runs those commands, and then update the upstart job to point to the new shell script.

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