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maps are disappearing


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I've got the problem with maps, when I join the server maps are disappearing but when I restart the maps they are showing( they are showing when I restart them( download again ) ) how can I fix that?

this is meta file I have. Around 3mb is downloading when I join but when I login I can't see these maps. I have to restart maps resource, download them again and they are showing then...

    "maps/admin base.map"/> 
    "maps/casino la luma1.map"/> 
    "maps/casino the punk.map"/> 
    "maps/Doherty Gas Station.map"/> 
    "maps/fbi inside.map"/> 
    "maps/Fire Department.map"/> 
    "maps/MS Hq.map"/> 
    "maps/my epic house.map"/> 
    "maps/PD gates.map"/> 
    "maps/PD int.map"/> 
    "maps/SACF yard.map"/> 
    "maps/SAIA Tower.map"/> 
    "maps/SAN Heli pad.map"/> 
    "maps/santa base.map"/> 
    "maps/Shooting range.map"/> 
    "maps/Training area (buiten).map"/> 
    "maps/Training area.map"/> 
    "maps/Yakuza HQ.map"/> 
    "maps/yakuza stuff.map"/> 

EDIT: is there any way to client sided map download after login?

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