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the gta wo release within this week or month


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Release Time

Surprise everyone, Yes at last we are releaseing a beta , As for a date all i can say is we need mirrors and once we have a few we will realse our beta, Features and more infor will follow in the forums in the next few days, The beta is out this week we hope,Please all reagister and get ready for some liberty city fun!! Posted By Redspike - mod leader

copied form http://www.gtaworldonline.tk

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Are you all in on the thing going on between GTA:WO and GTA Evolution?

Its pretty hot right now and its hard to figure out whos telling the truth but have a look at what Blokker, who we must respect, wrote:

We from MTA support Redspike and the GTA:WO team in any possible way.

GTA:Evolution is on,ly possible due to World Online, and now EEOS and his team are taking credit for something that is mostly done by others. This is unheard of in the modding community, and we will do our best to let people know the truth about this group of "elite" modders

This is from Xplaygames' forums, the ones developing GTA Evo

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the list of what The Beta is going to have:

*The beta is going to have Liberty City , NO Vice City...

*The beta is going to be released somewhere around 25 November (sorry)

*We are working on a new website. With better forums

*If the beta has multiplayer , it propably si going to be from GtaT (http://www.gtat.tk)

*To play GTA WO you need GTA3 and GTA: VC (atleast I think)

*We need some mirrors for the beta (see main page).

*I think (not 4 sure) that the beta is going to have new peds with new sounds (post under "help us" if you want to do some voice acting)

*The beta is gonnah have NO storyline (well , maby a small demo mission)

*new weapons and cars are in it.

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To make this clear. You DO NOT need GTA3 to play gtawo. Oh, and by the way. I'm one of the testers who usually stays silent So yea, GTAWO doesn't need GTA3 to play. Only Vice City is needed. And you will NEED to actually own the game to play. This is because we need a gta-vc.exe that has increased building and object support. And there will never be a released version of the gta-vc.exe, that supports gtawo, that has a no-cd crack. In other words, buy Vice City you guys! Don't know if this was mentioned before. But I had to say it. And before all you admins and mods yell at me saying I'm not a tester, just ask redspike. He'll tell you that I am.

its ok i have the game enny way (ye right :cry: )

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And there will never be a released version of the gta-vc.exe, that supports gtawo, that has a no-cd crack. In other words, buy Vice City you guys!

Well there had better be an "unofficial" gta-vc.exe with no-cd because there is no way anyone will play it with annoying and slow cdrom access. I own both games for pc and ps2 in case anyone cares.

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notification of when the beta is released will be great

I cant wait to stunt the gta3 world. I just hope r* have done their clippings right cause I am so gonna get a pcj, a packer and a WHOLE lot of replays =)

I also hope the collision data with buildings etc is the same as vc, otherwise no big wall taps =P

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