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[Tool] Lua Compiler # Updated 21/3/2013


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hello guys

i've created this tool yesterday

i wanted to release it here

but i was afraid that it's will not become useful or will be rejected ..

# Updated 21/3/2013

fixed some bugs

now maybe hard to be decompield.

screenshot :


works perfectly with windows 7 , even if it was 32 or 64 bit

.Net Framework 3.5 required for Windows Vista - Windows XP (Click to download )

How it works :

just pick a file then click on compile , you'll get a new compiled file over with .luac extension

Download :


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what is this for?

what is path ?

what is compiler?

Before compile

function areyoukiddingme() 
local this = "Lua Compiler" 
local compile = "way to protect your script from noobs" 
local path = "the path of lua file which been picked" 
if this == true then 
compile (path) 

After compile

LuaQ                   $       €       areyoukiddingme                        A@  پ€  ہ@ € €ہ €   ـ@  €       Lua Compiler &   way to protect your script from noobs '   the path of lua file which been picked               

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  • 4 months later...

The only thing you did was adding some flag to "luac" command from what I could see, it doesn't do much. You also added a timer so that it would seem like it took a little to compile, just useless.

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yea but try to decompile it , and see what happens ^^

It is not impossible to decompile that code, it isn't even hard unless the person really has no knowledge about that. There is no way to protect your files from being decompiled or decrypted, that has been said many times already, so this is just useless and you're wasting your time.

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It's simple but effective. Thanks for releasing your tool to the community, I apreciate it.


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