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Game diversity

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Hey everyone,

I've been playing MTA for quite some time now but this is the first time I have ever used the forums here so hello to everyone. I run a UK cops and robbers clan templay server (Details in my signature).

You know what really kills MTA? It's not the bugs (Hey they need to be worked on), it's not the lack of animations (A nice but not entirely an essential feature I think) or anything like that. It is the lack of diversity. Every server you go to feels exactly the same as the last.

The administrators of a server do not have any options available to them to customise the games. Take me for example. As it is a cops and robbers server, you are either a cop or a robber. I only allow cops to use the VCPD Maverick and I don't allow robbers to use choppers at all to maintain realism. I would therefore like the option to remove all choppers other than the VCPD Maverick from the game. However thats not possible and so people often break the rule and use them anyway, or some people dont read the rules and take the chopper not knowing.

That is an example specific to me, but it just doesn't end there. The admin should be able to choose what weapons and vehicles appear in the game. If he wants the hunter to have its weapons enabled, then so be it. So what if it would probably make the game crappy for all the other players? Maybe it's going to be used in a scenario battle or something. It's this diversity of choice that gives people a different game experience every time they connect to a server. Some sort of options console for the admin where he/she can sit down and fine tune just what the game is going to feel like. MTA is a great game already, but with this option to diversify the games features, each server will end up feeling much like a different game. :D

Some more specific suggestions. I think the ones already posted by other people such as the being able to do drive bys is a good suggestion, as is the one about adding a seperate camera angle for passengers in the Maverick so they can fire on people. However I would scrap the idea of having a fixed M60 machine gun for this task. Can you just imagine it, everyone will be flying around in helicopters and nobody will want to drive cars anymore. Instead I would tie it to whatever rifle or machine gun class weapon the player is carrying, if he doesn't have any then he can't shoot simple as that. Another big issue there is the fact that you would need to work out a method for players to select whether they want to fire from the left or right of the chopper.

I can't help but smile at the thought of being able to apply the same camera angle to passengers in cars as well, so they could literally aim out of the window and have a rolling gunfight and aim their fire during a drive by. :)

Finally, give us the sniper. Can you imagine the possibilities with that weapon? Lee Harvey Oswald on top of the Texas Book Depository...forget it...Keffa on top of the Moist Palms Hotel with a PSG9! :wink: It wouldn't have to be an instant kill weapon either, the same power as the other rifle classes would suffice. :)

Thanks for hearing me out folks. Come and share some TEC-9 rounds with us at the Stadium sometime. :D


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Sounds like a very open and plausible idea to me.

However, there are some drawbacks - those "kid n00b skr1pt0r" servers that about half of them are (and theres no denying it... MTA attracts that crowd whether they want it or not, not necessarily bad... just not my type of people) who would end up making the most whacked servers out there.

The easy solution is of course not to play there ;) but as it is, I can jump in any server and like what I am doing.

I really do like this idea, and it'd be nice if it was implemented in some form somehow.

As for configuration, would it be something within the server that requires commands, or something external such as text file and/or config utility that may require server restart before taking affect? I prefer the latter, might be easier to implement... but this is thinking ahead, we haven't seen too much diverse configuration setups yet, there are none :)

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