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Fuel condition and the condition of the vehicle.

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Ehh, now if i create new car, vehicle condition is 90%. Now it burning <14-13%.

I would like to at the entrance to the newly created vehicle, vehicle status was equal to 100%, and that the vehicle was on fire when the state was equal to 0%.

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Car health ranges from a little above 1000 to 250, between 250 and 0 the car is burning. To ignore the under 250 part you can use math.max(). So to get it in a percentage:

carHealth = ( math.max(getElementHealth(vehicle) - 250, 0) ) / 7.5 

Slap some rounding function on that and you should be good to go.

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It's almost a good, but not totality. When the condition of the vehicle is 13%, the bar is no longer visible.

            local HealthHeight = ((136/100)*carHealth); 
            local stan = ( math.max(getElementHealth(vehicle) - 360, 1) ) / 7.5 * 1.6 
            local yOffset = stan-136 

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I can not explain this too you because i do not know the fine with English, and even then I use google translator. In addition, it is not my code.

Just when the state of the vehicle is equal to 13%, you can not see the belt.

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