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VCA vs. R --- Match Report..


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Round 1, VCA were on the attack, assulting where R had hunkered themselves down at the Washington Mall. We came in from the Mansion, I wound up skidding into a wall, but I'm SURE nobody saw that..

Archer Lemure, one of our newest members, timed out and disconnected just before the match was to start. It's assumed he lost power, because he didn't make it back and that is unusual for him. We also had to borrow Gamefreek of SM fame to round out our roster.

R was clustered up together on the rooftop, near the garage ramp that leads up there. Bump hit them with a few grenades from below, softening them up a bit. I wound up sucking up a bit of shrapnel in that exchange myself, but thanks to the new Miracle fiber "Everplast" that they made my Hockey mask out of, I survived the encounter with mean ole Mr. grenade.

It was a mess on the rooftop, shotgun blasts fireing every which way. They had some on the walls, they had some on the ground so on and so forth. I think one of the R boys blasted one of their own someplace in that firestorm. I wound up getting killed by one of our guys, but * shrug * it happens. Round 1, VCA...

Round 2, VCA on the Defense, R on the attack.. We decided to try something new and hold down the boat docks over near the Sailor Spawn. I'm not sure how well it was liked, however. I think it may have some issues with cramped up space. They were able to drive a car right into the garage there and cause all manner of trouble. The car was a good idea, a sort of rolling bomb in the middle of our troops. Anyway, there was some problems at the start, we were ready, said we were ready, but they weren't coming after us yet. Took a few shouts of "Ready!" to get the ball rolling. We wound up blowing our roadblock a little early, so that was fairly useless. As normal, I wasn't watching where I was going and I ran into the path of fire from a VCA'r and Dusty got me. My bad.. But I think 2 or 3 of the R fellows were down before I dropped. This is a good thing. We had one time out on our side, Dusty. As per the rules, Dusty was allowed to come back and procede immidiately to the fight zone. R stated some concern that this was against policy, vocally. In the end, only Sess was left. A couple of R players came back to the fight area after they had been killed, although they were not actually ATTACKING, ammo was wasted by shooting at them in confusion. This begs the question as to weather or not "spectating" should be allowed after someone gets killed. Things could go smoother if the fallen would use /quit and sit out in the chat box....

After repeated Inquiries.. Sess, Lead of R, never responded about a 3rd round. Although it was more of a "going through the motions" round, it was never played.

Final tally:

Vice City Army 2

Rogue 0

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uhh im unlocking it since there was no reason for it to be locked in the first page, hope im correct, dunno if theres anything to be said anyways but u get the picture

There were several replys to this post, they all vanished?

I asked a Mod to lock it out to keep it from going into a deeper flame war then it already was

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