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MTA For The Xbox


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  • MTA Team

let me tell you this :

*an xbox is not a pc, it runs on a stripped down Win2K kernel, the entire OS has a filesize of 256kb

*Most ppl don't have a modded xbox

*GTA MP mods work trough the hacking of the memory, we can not do this at the moment with Win9x due to the difference in mem structuring, and i doubt the box uses the same structuring as Win2K or XP

*U need to get a program running on the box be4 the game starts, good luck with that one

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i have to xboxs both modded with both 120 gig hdd one has windows 2k on it the other is for playing games. sumhow i rekon if i tried real hard i could get the xbox to play mta, which i av 2 fiddle round with online with the pc?

u no wot i mean

coz i can run counterstrike servers on my xbox for the pc.? so i rekon same with mta but a lot harder :?::shock:

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  • MTA Team

servers is something else, that is just a program that doesn't interact with other programs and you say it urself, a modded xbox, most ppl don't have a modded box.

MTA is only possible on Win2K and XP and even on these platforms with powerfull pc's and fast internet connections we have a lot of problems

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u jus dnt wnt me 2 get it working b4 u

it is possible, xbox are fast, and capable of running my win 2k at a fast speed and i can run msn on it and there no lag or shit like that. if i ran mta on me xbox i cud get it workin, change few codes mess bout. if i got linux n win 2k working on it without ne help sure i can get mta. counterstrike is designed only for pc. i got it on xbox? work that out

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  • MTA Team

no u don't get it.

u r making one vital mistake : u r talking now about running our mta on ur modded xbox which is running win2k.

Problem one : Xbox runs at 733MHz, GTA:VC requires 800MHz to run (and that is without MTA which pumps up requirements even more)

If you succeed, nice : MTA for the PC is running on GTA:VC for PC on a PC OS. Nothing special about it

Now GTA:VC for xbox is not a port from the PC version or a small adaptation. The engine is different, just as the engine for the PS2 is different. Because in your theory you could also do it for the PS2. PS2, PC and Xbox version all 3 run on renderware engine, but the engine for all 3 systems is for those systems specific.

If you do not understand these basics in programming then don't even start thinking about making a mod of any kind.

Mods for the Xbox or PS2 are hard to find anyway. Try if you can make a normal mod such as new maps or skins or something first, if that works, than you can think about trying something more difficult as memory hacking

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  • MTA Team

mind that the XBox uses a completely different method to assign memory and such to programs.. you have to use completely different methods to retrieve and change the memory of an application.

That makes it incompatible.. period

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u no i can do it with help off other ppl..... and im not saying everyone play it on the xbox. i play it on a modded xbox with mta on the pc or summet or on the xbox.i play in PC servers on my xbox. n b4 u say u cant do that..... i have done it b4 with other games. COUNTERSTRike

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ure completely missing the point here. i have GTA: 3 and VC for the xbox........ it will b possible to play mta on my xbox and then play pc game servers on the xbox which is conencted to my pc on the xbox format GTA. theres an action replay for xbox which works through the hacking of the memory same as gta Multiplayer mods do. dnt pretend u cnt do it.

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  • MTA Team

ur missing the freaking point here. MTA will not work on the xbox, u can try but it wont, first off all for VC it wil never be possible since the game can't run on an xbox, and it doesn't matter how hard u try, it can't. An xbox has a processor of 733MHz (look up the specs if u don't beleive me) GTA:VC requires a minimum of 800MHz and MTA makes this even higher.

Ur taling CS a 5 year old game that can run on an 133MHz machine, 5 times lower than the proc of the xbox

Now GTA3 off course can run on an xbox, but the memory structure of an xbox as we have stated before is different than that of a pc. Therefore GTA3:MTA wil not be able to alter the memory in a correct way and it wil not work.

An xbox has all the components of a PC but never forget that it is a console.

Maybo someone did that shit for the replay, did some memory hackins as you stated but have you tried that xbox mod on a normal pc???

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first off 2 do this even if its possible u'd need these things

1. XBK[hard to get on the legal side] or OpenXBK very slow developement

2. Modded Xbox

3. GTA3 or GTA:VC loaded on the Xbox

4. some kind of port software 2 send it 2 client and server

The only way possible i can see it beeing done properly so every normal Xbox owner can have the fun of playing is have an extra CD which

like a cheat CD modifies the memory and has some kind of lobby for rooms

b4 any modifications of games maybe just comunication between client and server then pres on with the hard core suff


by the way the GTA bundle is out on xbox

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the majority of xbox owners dont mod their xbox. if they dont mod their xbox, they dont get mta. the majority wins, and the majority runs pc version (no i havent been keeping up)

edit {i dont know wat ur gunna go, but fucking w/ mta will create legal problems}

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well if anything does come of the mp GTA:VC on xbox good on them but Robpol86 is rite there would have 2 be talkes with Rockstar and mircosoft :( to produce anything worth while but nevertheless im guna have a go and get an xbox talkin 2 some other xboxes and pc's

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