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This parameter determines the time in milliseconds between player sync packets.

Available range: 50 - 500; default value: 100

This parameter can be changed and saved while the server is running with setServerConfigSetting

Suggested values for this and the other sync_interval settings can be found here: Sync interval settings

What is better?

high or low number for good syncs. (good internet)

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To my knowledge the lower the number the better sync but you have to remember the more information your server has to sync the more time clients need to receive them. Default value is fine so you can leave it unchanged unless you have a private or LAN server where you won't have many players and want quicker sync then you can set it to 50.

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That's why I rebuilded one of Path Looser his script and make damage server side.Thx to Phat Looser, all proud rights are yours.

I don't really care about high pingers, I just wanna have a fair game. Since the Spain people joined the server (not racist intended), I only saw high pingers and I had no fun in mta any more.

If they are timed out because of their lagg, they will simply be killed at the moment they shoot and aren't at the place where the bullets are created. If they are not timed out and still close but not at the right position(distance) the bullets won't be count.

That's how I like to have my server and my competitors with the old stealth are only failing. The only other stealth server that I do like is that one of Chaose.de. Only there aren't so much players.

If you know the game battlefield 3, and you have 300 ping in a server, you can't even run without setting back to your previously location. That is for me the bullet in the chest, if 300 ping would be fair.

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