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My server!

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Yes it does affect your internet speed . and The server will still be online if you leave the OS (or what ever that black window is called) on . IF you close it . IT will close the server . If you disconnect the pc out of the internet the server will get offline (of course) . And it is very hard to have a server running and start using the internet and all that other stuff that needs the internet .

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the server uses arouind 2 Mbit inbound and a few kbits outbound (when it has 15 people).

in the config file, u set the port and the password for the admin tool. i dont know how it is in the windows server, but it must b the same as the *nix server, atleast the conf file

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thus you are a moron. :?

What he means is that 10MBs is a extrmely fast internet connecting which is mostly not rentable for "normal people". Most of the time such connections are to be found at big companies.

So you see. Thats why he doesn't understand how you got such a great connection. :o

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