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Hi All. i never use this one :|

I working for a new user panel and i want make the Map Shop (no nextmap)

First . . the wiki say : Please use executeSQLQuery instead.

Why?? i can't use executeSQLCreateTable executeSQLSelect etc.. ?

Anyway The Table :

function theTable () 
    executeSQLCreateTable ( "mapOwner", "nameMap TEXT, ownerMap TEXT, priceMap INTEGER" )  
addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getRootElement(), theTable ) -- other event 

The Table is Ok (maybe)

My question is : who i can get/set the parameter for edit?


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Sounds Good myonlake :wink:

Omg after 45 min. i now know how work (maybe)

Now i have make this :

local thisResourceRoot = getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()) 
addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", thisResourceRoot, 
executeSQLQuery("CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS OwnersMaps (nameMap TEXT, ownerMap TEXT, priceMap INTEGER)") 
function (mapInfo) 
   local name = mapInfo.name or "Unknown" 
   if name then 
   local tableMap =  executeSQLQuery ( "SELECT * FROM OwnersMaps WHERE nameMap = '" ..name.. "'" ) 
    if not  tableMap or # tableMap == 0 then 
    executeSQLQuery( "INSERT INTO OwnersMaps VALUES ('"..name.."','Waiting', 'Waiting')" ) 
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it's better for you to do like the examples in the wiki.


Notice the lack of single quotes around the "?" in this example, even though it represents a string. executeSQLQuery will see that the playerName variable is a string and take care of the correct execution of the query by itself.

The advantage of using executeSQLQuery is that it is immune to users trying to exploit the query with an SQL injection attack. playerName may contain special characters like ', " or -- that will not influence the query, unlike the older approach where playerName would be concatenated into the query string.

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