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2 players on local network? + question

Guest Vasily :]

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hi all!

1. i want to ask the moderators...and all of u :roll:

can i play MTA on 2 computers in a local network (in 1 home) not throuh the internet?

its will be very good!

2. question:) mta 0.22 works on win 98 or not?

and the next version will work on it (win 98 )?

sorry 4 my english

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just in LAN ? yes

PCs in LAN and internet ? yes

internet only ? yes

u can do what ya want :)

I mean, we tested all of these this week-end, and the only bad thing is the noisy livingroom I had for 3 days :P

for question 2, I just dunno

so how can i play LAN?

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