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help with entering vehicles/ friend can't get in if I drive

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Hey everyone, was hoping I could get some assistance. A friend of mine and I play mta almost daily but we seem to have one minor problem. He can always get into any vehicle and drive both of us around... but anytime I get in as the driver, the home key will not let him get in. I have tried playing all the different characters to see if that was an issue. Neither of us have any mods installed and have re-installed vice city and mta multiple times. Does anyone have any suggestions or is there a possibility it is a key binding problem?

my system specs (desktop)

2(1 GHZ) chips


128 MB Nvidia card

Win XP Pro

My friends specs (laptop)

2.4 GHz Chip

512 MB ddr ram

on board video card (no clue..generic)

win 2000 Pro

let me know if I need to provide more info.... thanxs again

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ask him to check his controller config. It could be that the key used to enter vehicles has been remapped.Its usually V but he may have accidentally remapped it or taken its use for another function.

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I see this problem a lot and it is fixed easy. My father cannot get in the car when my mom drives. He just likes driving. That is what I think the problem is here. When your friend says he is hitting home he is really hitting page up but he dosen't know how to tell you he dosen't like your driving.

muahahaha - nuff said

id say he needs to check which buttons he is mapping in the options.

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