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Feel energetic? Participate in the VC Olympics TONIGHT!


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Event Listing

For each event, the top 3 players will receive points. 5 points for 1st place, 3 points for 2nd place, and 1 point for 3rd. In all events, your character choice is up to you.

Included Events (in no particular order)


1) Show-down at the OK corral (ok, not the OK corral, but the movie studio... close enough!)

This will involve all contestants entering the movie studio arena. The event will begin by allowing everyone to spread out, and choose their starting place. Once everyone is in place, I will give the "GO!" signal, at which point it's basically last man standing wins. As soon as you die, you can respawn but you CANNOT enter the movie studio again. Event will continue until only 1 man remains.

2) Classic Street Race

You've all raced it before...(and if you haven't study the race map here: http://pub78.ezboard.com/fclanfourtwent ... =203.topic ) now the time to put your practice hours to the test has come! A classic street race from the stadium, to vercetti island, around the semi-circle, and back! 2 seperate races will take place, with full points handed out for each race. First race cars only, the second race any vehicle of your choice, including bikes.

3) Roof-jumping ExtravaganZa!!

In this event, players must choose a CAR (no bikes allowed!!) to compete in the ultimate roof-ramp challenge. The event will start with players lined up (in vehicles of their choice) at the bottom of the elevator building. With no time limit in place, the players can roof-ramp at their leisure; the goal to get as far as possible. Although there is no time limit, you only get ONE CAR. If it blows up, or if you fall off a roof, you are out of the event and marked as getting to the last roof you successfully landed on. The 3 players who make it to the furthest roof will be awarded points. Since damage to your car plays a key role in this event, only one car at a time will be allowed on the roofs to make sure there is no "destruction derby" taking place between competitors.

4) Destruction Derby

The name says it all. Any vehicle you can fit into the derby ring is acceptable. Since many vehicles will be "fought" for, everyone must start at the airport, IN THE TERMINAL, and at the signal must race for the vehicle of their choice. Once you enter a vehicle it is yours and CANNOT be jacked by anyone. Bring your vehicle to the stadium, and provided you can get it into the derby ring (LEGITIMATELY) it's fair game. This event will be handled like a real derby, with cars lined up facing away from each other. Last vehicle remaining wins first place.

5) Nascar 10 lap challenge

No real description is necessary here... a 10 lap nascar challenge, with different heats, 4 cars per race. A final heat will determine the 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners. Anything goes in this race; will the smash and bash racers pull off a victory, or will the more conservative racers win the cup!

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And what an Olympics it was!!

Although most of the competitors started dropping out after the 3rd event or so, a few hard core olympiads battled against all odds and were able to complete a GRUELING 5 events!

It's hard to get a bunch of guys organized in the Vice City world, but I must commend the people who participated in their co-operation and level of maturity. We were able to whip through the 5 events in under 2 hours thanks to this.

The events began with the NASCAR challenge. Winning the first heat was SM Gamefreak and 420 Blunt. Winning the second heat was SM Curly and 420 Transam. For the final heat SM Gamefreak took home the gold cup, followed by 420 Blunt with silver, and 420 Trans-Am with bronze.

The next event was the roof-top jump challenge. This was met with a lot of frustration and humiliation by a few of the contenders! This is where the men were seperated from the boys! Most were able to make it to the first or second rooftop, but only SM Curly, SM Gamefreak, and myself pulled ahead of the pack to claim victory slots. I can't remember the exact order of win unfortunately...

Following the frustrating (for some) roof-top jumping (EVERYONE can do it with bikes... it was SUPPOSED to be hard with cars only) we moved onto the "last man standing" event. Only 7 or 8 contenders remained at this point, but it was enough to make the showdown quite the battle. Dgtadude started things off by taking a few screen shots of us on the moon, then we got right down to why we were there... to FIGHT!! Everyone did their best "hide and seek" impression and retreated to the safety of corners and boxes; then the whisle blew and the action began! Once again, winners were SM Gamefreak, SM Curly, and 420 TransAM.

After getting some agression out of us, we proceeded to the great race... eyes were getting itchy so we decided to shorten it down to 1 race instead of two. Some chose bikes, others chose stock cars. Myself and SM GameFreak tied for first, SM Curly following a close 3rd (even if he _was_ confused about the finish line :) Top 3 places all raced on bikes.

Finally, the destruction derby! This turned into quite the fun event; involving an 18 wheeler (well, the rig part of it anyhow), the firetruck, the sanddigger, and a couple derby cars. Once again SM GameFreak took home a gold, (derby car amazingly enough!!), I took home silver (firetruck) and Curly took home bronze (sand-digger).

Final Standings are as follows:

Gold : SM GameFreak

Silver : |4:20| crUshed

Bronze : SM Curly and |4:20| Trans-Am tied

Once again I'd like to thank all who were on the server for the fun. And I propose the next olympics be held by the StuntMasters who had both a great turnout and a great showing in the final standings :)

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It surely was the best MTA server i have ever participated . Everyone followed instructions . No cheating . And everyone had fun like they should :D . Thanx Again you guys for the great time .

Here is the screenshots i took while playing :


You can also download a zip file with all opf the pictures in High quality :

http://ucfmod.gtagaming.com/mta_screens/screenshots.zip (526 kb)

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