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I would like to make a trailor for you guys...

Guest ljump12

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Sorta like a commercial, like a preview, my site [link=http://www.echrome.net]Echrome.net[/link] Creates music Videos for video games, so if you would like su to create one for your mod contact us (of course its totally free)

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ok, before I flame you, understand that i'm all for GMVs (Game music videos) as i'm a huge fan of AMVs (Anime Music Videos). And I totaly respect you working to make lots of videos for lots of games.

ok, time for the flameing


The editing in the few videos I watched blew donkey balls. Often they didn't go along with the beat, missed key beats, or switched scenes way too often. It effectivly killed the music and often the rest of the video.


Fortunetly thats my only real complaint...but its a rather big one. Again, i'm not trying to tell you that you should stop or anything, but spend a little more time with the clips and the timing to the music. It will go along way.

I'd probably like to see you guys make a MTA video as long as the timing was better.

I'd be glad to suggest some videos if u wanna see (what I think) is some nice editing. they would probably all be AMV's tho...

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well, you are right, we try to make many movies for many games, and in the process, much of quality editing is lost. I admit we could do a better job... If you want some better edited video look at FFX, and if you want syncronization look at GTA3

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I just started with making videos from GTA3. Made one that was about 3 minutes long highlighting jumps, The Ultimate Stunt Park, and a few custom configured rides. It turned out good enough, I used only Fraps and Virtualdub. No music, haven't figured that part out yet.

I'n not offering to make a video 'advertisement' for y'all, (you wouldn't want it, anyway! haha) but sooner or later you may see a video by me showing my 'MTA adventures.' :) I believe I noticed a place in these forums to show off movies, right?

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