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Any GOOD stunt servers? Or any moderated servers?

Guest jamesavery22

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Cheating is just rampant now. I cannot go to any of the public stunt servers without some ass modding all the cars and just plowing into people doing 200mph. Are there any that people know of where the admins actually watch the server?

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I never use IRC =\ maybe I should start.

This might be a little OT but what kind of hardware are you guys using for MTA servers? Im building a few boxes right now and Id be able to moderate them 5pm-12am so I think I will run an MTA stunt server. But I wasnt going to build anything too powerful. Just something for Folding@Home...

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I dont encounter killing too much, but what REALLY pisses me off is the fact that my bike gets stolen whenever I crash into something.

whitin seconds some fucktard is there to steal my bike and ride off :evil:

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